Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps Improve Access and Stability

Adding an outdoor wheelchair ramp to your home may be one of the best decisions you make. If you or your loved one is using a wheelchair or mobility scooter, the installation of outdoor wheelchair ramps allows for improved mobility and quality of life. Sage Mobility makes it easy for you to get a customized solution for any needs.

Customized Solutions for Homes or Businesses

We can help you with wheelchair ramps for businesses as well as homes. This includes creating a custom, properly-angled ramp to manage wheelchairs, walkers, power chairs, and mobility scooters. You can choose from a wide range of materials and styles to fit just about any needs you have. Our team can help you with outdoor wheelchair ramp sales and installation.

Options to Consider in Wheelchair Ramps

There is a wide range of options in wheelchair ramps available. It’s important to work with a technician who can offer guidance to you on your options. Here are some configurations to consider.

Lightweight Solutions

Lightweight ramps are easier to install and ideal for those who need a temporary solution. These can also be portable, going with you from place-to-place as you need them.

Threshold Ramps

Designed for a rubber or aluminum exterior door threshold, these ramps allow you to get over doorways with ease using a wheelchair or scooter.

Modular Ramps

Larger and longer, modular ramps are necessary when you need to create a more permanent structure for getting into a home. They are aluminum, in most cases, and designed to provide a solution for most steps and entryways. These are also highly customizable.

Factors to Compare When Buying Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps

You have a lot of options to choose from at Sage Mobility. Our team offers help to you in choosing from a range of solutions. Some features to consider include:

  • Ramp width
  • Incline height
  • Weight capacity (especially if you are using mobility scooters)
  • Handrail installation
  • Portability

Let our team help you make the right decision for your home. With a large selection of solutions on the market, you can compare options based on the entryway and your budget. Sage Mobility aims to make the entire process easy for you to manage.

Need Wheelchair Ramp Repairs?

If you have an outdoor ramp that needs repairs, give our technicians a call. We can help troubleshoot and resolve any of the problems you have with ease.

Need Help Choosing Wheelchair Ramps for Home Use or Businesses?

Sage Mobility helps to make the purchase and installation of wheelchair ramps as easy as possible.

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Are You Interested in an Outdoor Wheelchair Ramp?

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