Outdoor Stairlift Solutions

High-quality outdoor stairlifts provide easy access to elevated locations such as a deck or porch as well as the ability to reach a dock or the sidewalk from your home. Designed to be able to withstand all the natural elements such as rain, UV rays and subzero temperatures, today’s outdoor stairlifts complement the exterior look of your home or another environment.

What is an Outdoor Stair Lift?

An outdoor stair lift uses the existing stair rails as the foundation of the transportation system. Both the straight rails that are standard on many staircases as well as those that are curved can be accommodated by this mobility solution. In many cases, a curved staircase will require a customized design.

Things to Think About Before Choosing an Outdoor Stair Lift

A key factor to consider when choosing an outdoor stairlift is that you have to be able to transfer in and out of the seat in a safe manner. In addition, you also need to remain seated upright during the time that the stairlift is moving. To help with balance and to keep you safe, the stairlift is equipped with seat belts.

No matter what the size of the staircase is in question, the stairlift can be designed to accommodate it. The weight of those using the stairlift also must be considered as the available models have different weight limits. In order to protect the components and to keep the seat dry during inclement weather, a weather-resistance cover is included.

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