Stair Climbers Can Improve Your Mobility

Sage Mobility provides a wide range of stair climbers to improve your mobility around your home. We offer top-of-the-line equipment that’s designed to be reliable and easy to use. We sell, service, and install stair climbers.

How Can Stair Climbers Help You?

If you are in a wheelchair, stairs can seem impossible to manage. Yet, most homes have at least a few steps you need to manage. With a stair climber, it becomes easier for you to maneuver up stairs, whether it is just a few stairs at the front of your home or a set of steps leading up to the second floor. There are several styles of stair climbers available, including those designed to overcome just about any type of surface, including steel, wood, carpeting, and brick. In addition, these stair climbers work both indoors and outdoors, up angled stairs, straight stairs, or even a curved set of steps.

How Do Stair Climbers Work?

Most stair climbers are very easy to manage. You just need to maneuver close to the lift and then press an up/down switch. A lifting arm then works to move you up and down the stairs. There are several models available, each providing a different level of function. However, each model we offer is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

What Should You Look for in Stair Climbers?

Stair climbers are quite versatile. Depending on the style you select, you will find a wide range of features available to meet your goals. This includes options that are portable and fixed. Take a look at a few key features that can make stair climbers beneficial to you.

A Strong, Durable Design

There may not be a more important feature than this in a stair climber. You’ll want to choose one that fits the maximum weight capacity you need. Then, be sure it is designed to be used regularly. With portable units, you also want to ensure it can be easily assembled and taken down. Some models allow you to take them with you as you travel and may even fit into your RV.

A Durable Braking System

The braking system on your stair climber needs to be durable enough to give you confidence. Look for those that have automatic step brake wheels, for example. This allows for the device to ensure the wheelchair does not roll at the edge of a step.

Lightweight Design

This is particularly important if you plan to move the stair climber from time to time. Be sure it is lightweight enough to allow for easy movement into a car or into the home.

Easy to Control

Also, consider how the system works. Some of the most popular versions provide features such as a speed adjustment, on/off design, and easy reach.

How Can Sage Mobility Help You with Your Stair Climbers?

At Sage Mobility, we make the entire process of obtaining a stair climber easy. When you speak to our associates, we can help you to compare options to find the best stair climber for your specific needs. We also will install it for you, making it easy to get set up. Our team also provides full service and repair services for them.

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Are You Interested in a Stair Climber?

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