Outdoor Platform Lifts

Outdoor platform lifts help ensure that stairs and steps don’t pose a barrier between an individual and their ability to get out and enjoy their surroundings. Whether that means that they are in a wheelchair, use an assistive device or simply aren’t able to navigate steps safely, Sage Mobility has an outdoor platform lift that is reliable and durable to meet their needs.

Types of Outdoor Platform Lifts

The kind of outdoor platform lift that best meets the needs of the individual depends on a number of factors.

Inclined Platform Lifts for Outdoor Use

An inclined platform lift uses the existing staircase and its incline as a foundation. The installation of a specialized railing ensures the smooth, safe and seamless operation of the lift.

Vertical Platform Lifts for Outdoor Use

A vertical platform lift is the ideal solution when access to elevated areas such as decks and porches is desired. This design bypasses the steps altogether and is a self-contained unit that is similar in nature to an elevator.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of an outdoor platform lift depends on the exact specifications of the model chosen. It’s important to consider changing needs that might occur in the future when determining the right weight capacity — especially when it comes to commercial use.

Wheelchair Configuration

The outdoor platform lift should be carefully measured to ensure that it can easily accommodate the wheelchair or another assistive device. Keep in mind that the needs of the individual could change and result in a different wheelchair design in the future.

Incline Considerations

A steep incline will be better served by choosing an incline platform lift in most cases. For a straight or curved staircase, an incline platform might be the best option. Staircases with multiple curves and landings will likely require a custom design to accommodate them.

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