Aluminum and Steel Handrails – Sales & Service

Sage Mobility sells and installs aluminum and steel handrails, the perfect way to make climbing stairs easy to manage. Our team offers customized solutions for most handrail needs, including for both commercial and residential walkways, staircases, or other tricky areas. Choose from a large selection of solutions, including both steel and aluminum handrails in a variety of sizes. Our solutions are based on ADA compliance requirements and are the reliable support you need.

How to Choose Handrails for Seniors and Those Who Need Support

If you have a set of steps or a difficult path, having a steel or aluminum handrail present can provide the protection necessary. There are a wide range of options on the market, each designed to fit most needs you may have. Consider a few key features to look for when choosing these handrails.

  • Both aluminum and steel are excellent material choices. Aluminum is slightly less expensive, but steel can last longer and provides a higher level of stability.
  • Look for those that are anodized. This helps to protect the finish on the railings to minimize the development of abrasions from rust.
  • A variety of powder-coated options are available. Choose a color that fits the area such as black, green, silver, or white.
  • Seek out those solutions with a manufacturer’s warranty. That ensures they will remain functional loan term.
  • Most are low- or no-maintenance. When installed properly, they should provide you with years of functionality without any need for painting or repairs.

How Sage Mobility Can Help You with Your Aluminum and Steel Handrails

We understand your needs for a new handrail. Whether you are placing one to come up several steps or a long pathway, our team will customize a solution for you. No matter the angle, height, or style you need, we will measure the space and offer options. You can buy directly from us if you like, and install yourself. However, our technicians ensure the process is done expertly to minimize any risks to your property or landscape.

Do you have existing handrails that are no longer functioning right or perhaps they look worn? We can help you. Replacing existing aluminum handrails with new solutions is easy for our team to do. If you have a handrail that has some damage to it and just need it repaired, let our technicians help with that, too. We can repair many existing handrails with new parts or by tightening them up.

Are you unsure what type of handrail is best for your area? Give us a call. Our technicians can come to you, answer your questions and provide key recommendations to help you to improve your mobility and stability as you climb stairs or navigate difficult areas.

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