Making your home or business accessible and functional doesn’t have to be a struggle. No matter what challenges your space presents, the experienced technicians at Sage Mobility are committed to finding a solution to enhance your indoor mobility. We carry a variety of indoor mobility products that can be used for residential or commercial purposes. Whether you need to make getting around inside your home easier, or your place of business safer for clients, we can help.

Our Outdoor Mobility Solutions Include:

  • Outdoor handicap handrails
  • Outdoor platform lifts
  • Outdoor wheelchair ramps
  • Outdoor stair climbers
  • Outdoor stairlifts

Outdoor handicap handrails

Often times, a simple safety modification, such as adding a handrail, can drastically increase the functionality of a given space for an individual. Learn more about the steel and aluminum handrail options provided by Sage Mobility.

Outdoor platform lifts

Platform lifts can truly transform the functionality of a home or business for an individual with limited mobility. Platform lifts are typically categorized as one of the two: vertical platform lifts or inclined platform lifts. Learn more about how outdoor platform lifts can help you today.

Outdoor wheelchair ramps

Outdoor wheelchair ramps can be a simple solution for those homes or businesses with raised landings, small steps or other challenging outdoor areas. Sage Mobility can create a custom outdoor wheelchair ramp solution for your home or business to make moving around easier and safer.

Outdoor stair climbers

Most stair climbers are very easy to manage and make getting around so simple. With portable stair climbers, you just need to maneuver close to the lift or step and then press an up/down switch. A lifting arm then works to move you up and down the stairs. That’s it! Learn more about our portable stair climbers here.

Outdoor stairlifts

Indoor stairlifts provide those with limited mobility a safe and easy way to bypass stairs and steps. Often times, stairlifts are an ideal solution for those who are mobile enough to walk but cannot navigate stairs safely. Sage Mobiity offer indoor stairlifts for both residential and commercial purposes. Learn more about our custom stairlift solutions today.

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Mobility Solutions for All Abilities

The elderly and disabled should be able to travel and get around safely and easily. That’s why Sage carries a range of mobility solutions, including power chairs, wheelchair lifts and vehicle lifts.

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