Indoor Wheelchair Ramps

Moving around within a home requires the successful navigation of the spaces in between rooms. Indoor wheelchair ramps are available in diverse configurations that are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of needs. While the purpose of an indoor wheelchair ramp is to allow individuals the ability to access the different spaces within the residence safely, effectively and efficiently, there are a number of different indoor wheelchair ramps that can meet that need.

Types of Indoor Wheelchair Ramps

Treshold Indoor Wheelchair Ramps

In order to successfully navigate doorways, raised landings and other areas of low inclines, a threshold ramp can be used. Made of aluminum and rubber for the best in durability and smooth operation, these threshold ramps are available in a variety of widths.

Portable Indoor Wheelchair Ramps

Available in different lengths, ergonomically designed portable ramps allow individuals in wheelchairs, power chairs and other mobility devices to effortlessly navigate doorways that have higher inclines than the traditional threshold. The standard recommendation is that for every one inch that the threshold rises, 12 inches of ramp length should be used.

Another advantage of using a portable indoor wheelchair ramp is the ability for the individual to take it with them when they are traveling. This type of mobility accessory is also ideal for those individuals who only need to use a ramp on a part-time basis.

Hand Rails Improve Balance

The inclusion of handrails when choosing an indoor wheelchair ramp can assist in the movement of the individual and improve their ability to stay balanced.

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