Automatic Door Openers

Making the transition from room to room can be a challenge for an individual with mobility issues or if their hands are full. Automatic door openers make this process smooth, safe and seamless. They can also be used to make entering and exiting a home or commercial building safe and easy for people in a variety of circumstances including those who need additional time to complete the process.

Options for Automatic Door Openers

Today’s automatic door openers provide you with an array of standard and custom choices to meet your specific needs.


Regardless of whether a door swings inward or outward, there are door openers that can be quickly and easily installed. The same is true whether the door swings open from the right or left.

Activating the Door

Access other rooms with a variety of customizable activation devices. These can range from control systems to wall push pads and more. ADA-compliant options can be tailored to meet the specific abilities and needs of those who will use them.

Easy Access for Everyone

The automatic door openers of today allow people to easily access the door manually when needed. Normal operation of the door is allowed using automatic door opening systems from Sage Mobility. Users won’t experience any resistance, clicking or friction. When the automatic door opener system is not activated, the door can also be left ajar if needed.

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