Making your home or business accessible and functional doesn’t have to be a struggle. No matter what challenges your space presents, the experienced technicians at Sage Mobility are committed to finding a solution to enhance your indoor mobility. We carry a variety of indoor mobility solutions that can be used for residential or commercial purposes. Whether you need to make getting around inside your home easier, or your place of business safer for clients, we can help.

Our Indoor Mobility Solutions Include:

  • Automatic door openers
  • Bath safety solutions
  • Indoor stairlifts
  • Indoor platform lifts
  • Indoor wheelchair ramps
  • Patient lifts

Automatic door openers

Automatic door openers make moving from room to room smooth, safe and seamless. With various options available, we can provide you with an automatic door opener that is best fit for your specific needs. Learn more about our residential and commercial automatic door openers today.

Bath safety solutions

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and relaxed in their bathroom. However, for many individuals, it can be the most dangerous room in the house because of slick surfaces and tight spaces. Whether you need safety modifications to your residential or commercial bathroom, Sage Mobility has the proper solutions to make this room a safe place.

Indoor stairlifts

Indoor stairlifts provide those with limited mobility a safe and easy way to bypass stairs and steps. Often times, stairlifts are an ideal solution for those who are mobile enough to walk but cannot navigate stairs safely. Sage Mobiity offers indoor stairlifts for both residential and commercial purposes. Learn more about our custom stairlift solutions today.

Indoor platform lifts

Platform lifts can truly transform the functionality of a home or business for an individual with limited mobility. Platform lifts are typically categorized as one of the two: vertical platform lifts or inclined platform lifts. Learn more about these solutions today.

Indoor wheelchair ramps

Indoor wheelchair ramps can be an ideal solution for those homes or businesses with raised landings or other challenging indoor areas. Sage Mobility can create a custom indoor wheelchair ramp solution for your home or business to make moving around easier and safer.

Patient lifts

For family caregivers, moving your immobile loved one can be extremely trying. If you’re in need of a better way to move your loved one that allows him or her to be comfortable and safe, and you to feel confident, Sage Mobility can guide you toward a proper patient lift to help.

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Mobility Solutions for All Abilities

The elderly and disabled should be able to travel and get around safely and easily. That’s why Sage carries a range of mobility solutions, including power chairs, wheelchair lifts and vehicle lifts.

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