Wheelchair and Scooter Carriers for Your Vehicle

With a wide range of lifts and carriers available for most makes and models of vehicles, Sage Mobility makes it easier for you to take your mobility equipment with you no matter where you travel. Many people benefit from these exterior-mounted mobility lifts because they are easier to manage. They are also a fraction of the cost of having a wheelchair van or scooter-fitted vehicle available to you.

What to Look for in Exterior Auto Lifts

There is a range of options on the market that could meet your goals. Our team works closely with you to ensure the work is done properly for your needs and for your mobility scooter, power chair, or wheelchair. There are a few things we typically will consider.

  • It should be fitted to the size of your vehicle as well as the type of mobility equipment you own. This may mean considerations for height, power, and fastening.
  • Choose from options such as an attachment with a hitch if you have a larger mobility scooter. This can pull along a platform for your lift to be positioned.
  • Some are designed to feature a platform that will carry your mobility scooter with you.

It is important that any system you invest in be highly reliable and designed to last. We offer a wide range of solutions that can be easy to use, too. We encourage you to choose a system that is easy to operate and has the durability necessary to protect your mobility equipment. Whether you are the person using the mobility scooter or if a family member will, you need a solution that fits your needs perfectly. That is why Sage Mobility offers a large range of options from leading manufacturers. Talk to us about Harmar, Bruno, and many other brands and styles of lifts and exterior platform systems for your mobility chair, power chair, and other equipment.

Are Scooter and Wheelchair Carriers Right for You?

You may not be sure what type of vehicle solution is best for your needs. Sage Mobility can help you. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet just about any vehicle need.

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Do You Need Automotive Mobility Solutions?

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