Turning Automotive Seats

For those who find it hard to climb into and out of vehicles, turning automotive seats can provide a reliable solution. These are designed to swivel, allowing for a person to sit down from a much lower position and then be moved into the vehicle. For those who need improved vehicle mobility, turning automotive seats can prove to be an exceptional option.

Sage Mobility sells high-quality and reliable turning automotive seats like this. Our team can also help you to install them and, should there be a need, make repairs to them over time.

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Turning automotive seats

Vehicle Hand Controls

For those who require hand controls to drive, we offer a variety of customizable controls for your vehicle. Our technicians are able to modify your vehicle with a high degree of expertise so that you can maintain independence in everyday life.

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vehicle hand control product sales and installation

Wheelchair & Scooter Carriers Lifts

For those who can transfer from their mobility scooter or power chair into a vehicle seat, the investment in wheelchair and scooter carriers may be ideal. These carriers, also known as exterior auto lifts, allow for your mobility scooter or wheelchair to be secured on the back of the vehicle. This way, you can take it with you no matter where you need to go for access.

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Man on scooter vehicle lift

Mobility Solutions for All Abilities

The elderly and disabled should be able to travel and get around safely and easily. That’s why Sage carries a range of mobility solutions, including power chairs, wheelchair lifts and vehicle lifts.

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