Commercial Mobility Solutions for All of Your Needs

As a business owner, you need to know that your property is accessible to those who need to use it. No matter if you operate a medical care facility or a retail outlet, providing customers and clients with access to your property is essential. We offer a wide range of tools to help you to do that ranging from ramps to platform lifts.

What to Know About Commercial Accessibility Solutions

Sage Medical Supply, we encourage our clients to ensure their property is accessible. That means meeting ADA compliance requirements along with any local building requirements you have. We also encourage you to meet standards for Safe Patient Handling as it applies to your operation. To do that, we’ve built a solid platform of solutions to meet just about any challenge that your property may face.

Commercial Mobility Solutions to Consider for Your Location

If you are unsure what type of mobility and accessibility solution is right for your property, allow our team to offer guidance. Simply give us a call to learn more about the options available to you. Here is a look at some of the most effective commercial mobility solutions helping businesses like yours meet the demands of the community.

Commercial Ramps and Stair Solutions

Getting into any building is critical. It often is a requirement under ADA compliance. With customized ramp and stair solutions, it is possible to ensure anyone on a mobility scooter, with a wheelchair, or those with a walker can easily access the building or other seating. Customized solutions are available for most needs including steep stairs, ramps to stadium-style seating, and access points for most other areas.

Commercial Stairlifts

If you have clients that are commonly in need of accessing the top floor of your building, you may wish to install commercial stairlifts. These allow a person to sit on the device and it will help them to get to a higher floor.

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts allow an individual on a wheelchair or power chair to remain on their chair while the device helps them to reach another floor. These provide floor-to-floor transfer without the need to stand up or move out of the device.

Lifts for Pools

Today, spas and pools, especially those open to community use, often need to be accessible. With spa and pool lifts, swimming areas can be made accessible to ensure compliance, but also to reduce liability. It is important to choose a solution customized for your space and any related aquatic building codes in your area.

Find the Commercial Mobility Solutions You Need at Sage Medical Supply

With a wide range of commercial mobility solutions to improve accessibility and to meet all compliance requirements, Sage Medical Supply can support your company’s needs.

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